Accommodating slow learner

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Establishing the general, ubiquitous nature of the term/concept as it is historically and culturally evident, as it is currently framed by educational psychology via psychometric categorization, and as it is complexly lived within the school system, the authors offer a critical examination of the cacophony of discourses emanating from the disciplines of educational psychology, special education and education, regarding what counts within the enterprises of identifying, classifying, programming and accommodating for exceptional students in learning institutions.

The intent of this inquiry is to invite a conversation between disabilities and special education studies researchers, practitioners and educators to re-theorize mediated depictions of “slow learner”.

The “Slow Learner” as a Mediated Construct John Williamson, Ph D candidate, Faculty of Education, University of Calgary John.

CCIS uses strategies that look at "The child as a whole" providing students with high quality educational programs taught by experienced and capable staff that use variety of educational materials and resources.

In 2007, Virtus Education took a step further by starting a new school called "Gulf International School".

Common blunders are also discussed as well as why they can be detrimental to the gifted student.

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