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We’d heard back in March that the company was going to be launching video chat at some point this year, and here it finally is.

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With every new digital craze comes a new set of concerns for parents.

Skyping and video chat can take a turn for the worst as onetime innocent online chats evolve into inappropriate conversations, sexting, and dangerous relationships.

) We do our best to maintain a safe environment, but much of that safety must come from your actions, not ours.

We all are eager to make good friends, but slow down. Making real friends takes time so please take a few weeks or months to get to know someone before you give out personal information.

More than 50 million adult smartphone users in the U. (about 35 percent of the total surveyed) use their smartphones for video calling. and Canada), smartphones account for 78 percent of total phone sales. As mobile carrier spending on LTE infrastructure expands in other countries, video calling should increase accordingly." Although its adoption of video calling lags behind the U.

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