Alexander payne dating

by  |  22-May-2016 20:35

It was love at the first sight between famous director Alexander Payne and young philologist Maria Kontos.

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Road trips inevitably come up when conversing with the director Alexander Payne.

His most celebrated movie, Sideways, sees an odd couple of middle-aged men journey from one Californian vineyard to the next. Payne’s new film, Nebraska, stars Bruce Dern, who won the best actor prize at Cannes for his turn as Woody, an aging Korean war veteran living out his final years in Billings, Montana.

Alexander Payne, 54, met Maria Kontos, 27, during his visit to Aigio, Greece, while attending an event.

He continued his trip to Athens, where the young philologist accompanied him giving him a tour to Acropolis Museum.

His films have been financed by major studios; all but the first have made money; they have starred such A-list actors as Jack Nicholson and George Clooney; they have been nominated for, and won, Oscars.

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