Angela simmons dating romeo miller

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The pair was casually dressed and seemed quite comfortable leisurely strolling down the street, even walking arm-in-arm after their meal was done.

This isn’t the first time the budding couple have spent time together.

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With her father currently in prison, Kristinia leans on her uncle, R&B legend El De Barge, as she struggles to choose between family and fame, all while considered the outsider of this tight-knit group; Egypt Criss, the daughter of Sandra “Pepa” Denton from Salt-N-Pepa and rap icon Treach from Naughty By Nature, is actively pursuing a solo music career. DJ, Jam Master Jay, has stepped into his father’s shoes as a DJ, spinning at the hottest events and venues around the world, yet always on his mind is his father’s mysterious and still unsolved murder.

Her overprotective mother, however, has yet to bless her career choice based on her own experiences in the hip hop industry which she helped establish; TJ Mizell, the son of the late Run D.

Romeo has been getting pretty close to Pastry designer Angela Simmons.

Paparazzi captured the two having lunch together in West Hollywood and the dynamic duo appeared to be quite smitten with one another.

He consistently leans on close friend Angela for guidance and support; Angela Simmons (above), the daughter of rap pioneer Rev.

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