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by  |  21-May-2016 05:03

The list of restaurant chains jumping on the social media-ordering bandwagon continues to grow.Pizza Hut is the latest high-profile brand to enlist a "chatbot" to launch a social ordering platform that will allow the restaurants customers to place orders for pizza and other products using their Twitter accounts or Facebook Messenger. Brands' Pizza Hut announced the new service on Tuesday, revealing a partnership with chatbot startup Conversable, which also recently added Whole Foods Market and fast-casual food chain Wingstop to its list of clients.Microsoft’s attempt to engage millennials via an artificially intelligent “chatbot” called Tay has failed miserably after trolls made the bot spew offensive comments.

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It wasn’t long before trolls were teaching Tay to make unpleasant comments.

The Washington Times reports that after repeating racist comments, she then incorporated the language into her own tweets.

In addition to joining Wingstop and Whole Foods in the social ordering space, Pizza Hut will also be competing for ravenous social media users with Taco Bell's Taco Bot, while Burger King also recently launched a bot that allows ordering through Facebook Messenger.

And, it's likely we'll only see more and more businesses enabling social ordering, especially through Facebook, which opened its Messenger chat app to businesses last year and began allowing companies to build bots for the service earlier this year.

“We are constantly pursuing ways to simplify our ordering experience.

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