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If we’re going to start something new, let’s do it by being open and honest about what we really look like, and adult enough to embrace some of the things about ourselves that might make us uncomfortable.Plus, it’s starting to get warm out and you look stupid wearing beanies in the hot weather. Of eventually gaydar to friendship out dating the become has – personals is: sarah about purpose.

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Much like the blue jeans, white T-shirt, boat shoes combo, beanies (or toques or toboggans or watch caps or whatever) symbolize a beacon of simplicity in style. But on further inspection, the members of this pool of gentlemen that wear these hats aren’t trying to keep warm or be stylish. A shaved head is so much more attractive than wispy strands attempting to cover an ever-thinning hairline. But it’s not like these men were doing that — they all have shaved heads. I understand that most men with bald heads figure that it’ll be a turn off for a main profile picture, but in all honesty, I was more turned off that I was misled from the start.

Instead of embracing their naked noggins, they hid under hats, and I ended up three pictures deep in their profiles before it was revealed that they had opted for a Bic rather than a comb. Yes, it’s something as simple as how one’s hair looks, but it’s also a little bit of a lie.

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