Bios not updating through bios who is cayden boyd dating

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I checked in the sticky here, as well, and I didn't see a solution. I then stupidly found a USB thumb drive and thought it'd be brilliant to update my BIOS to its most recent 2013 update.

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I pulled the drive out, I've taken out the battery as well. When I try to jumble around my SATA config, it lists my ssd. Sorry to clog up the forum again, but if anyone could lead me to a similar post or offer any sort of advice, I'd be extended in my effort to never do this dumb thing again.

I swapped in an older, ridiculously slow Win 8.1 formatted hdd, and my machine works. I'm 100% the newer ssd works, too, so I have no idea why the hdd booted without issue (aside from being sloooooow). This university kid can't afford a new machine or repair service (or food)! I have the same issue, nothing happens on start up Dell precision T7910 updated BIOS and windows 10.

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A basic input/output system, also known as a BIOS, propels the operating system of a computer or computer device.

BIOS (or Basic Input / Output System) is part of the system the controls your computer, interacting with the firmware in a chip on your motherboard.

Bios not updating through bios

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