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To add photos and videos from your phone to your work account, you can select individual files and add them manually.

Camera uploads was turned off for Dropbox Business accounts on April 9, 2014.

This removes the nuisance of having to manually choose which photos to upload.

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Some of the features: 1) Convenience: You can add your ‘SPECIAL’ photos & videos into Hi Calculator, we provides many convenient ways: 1. It would be better if it looked more realistic or if you could choose the icon. But I've paid for the pro version which is unlimited storage. It was completely unstable and I wasted much time trying to fix it.

Worth the money I don't know where all these other good reports have come from but I have found this app absolutely awful. Maybe mine was a bugged copy but then what do you then?

You can, however, manually add photos and videos to any location with your Dropbox account.

You can also move files from the Camera Uploads folder into other folders later.

section - tap and hold on the first photo and once that is selected, you can select more photos.

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