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Pressure, volume, electrical, and sound changes occur during each cycle.

Heart sounds are created primarily from turbulence in blood flow created by valves closing, not from contraction.

The limited access to space and equipment make job planning especially important.

Millions watched as April gave birth, and her new calf has become an instant sensation.

While many waited several months to see April give birth so they could return to a giraffe-cam free life, many have found the time-limited cam has them watching even more.

Because the giraffe cam isn’t expected to remain online much longer, many people are tuning in to watch the last moments of April and her calf live online. You may watch April and her calf in the live cam below.

2016-09-29: hard day in satin video: 9 mins pics: 76jess has hard a long, hard day and all she wants to do is chill out.

If you haven’t watched April give birth, you can relive the event in the videos below.

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