Charleston south carolina dating scene

by  |  24-Sep-2016 01:56

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Dating someone from Charleston means they’ve already run the gamut of many of the restaurants in town, so they can direct you to the places actually worth dining at.

Plus, good food = happy people (and a more likely chance that you’ll get to go on a second date). Pick the wrong parking garage and you can be out 10 bucks (which means less money to spend out on the town).

As the music continues playing into your late 20’s, the remaining population of single men are claimed and married in progressive order from “he’s okay” to “meh.” When women hit their early 30’s, they’re forced to date one of the leftover douchebags before the music stops and they become a crazy cat lady.

Local women have formed support groups to help process and deal with their douchebag boyfriends.

Al Roker Entertainment thinks it must be hard out there for a Charleston lady, and they want to develop a reality show highlighting just that.

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