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Rebecca's family believe she did not consent to having sex with the male crew member, and was killed because she did not agree to a bisexual relationship with the man and the woman.

Lying in bed, his face caked with dried blood, his head 'cratered like a burnt candle', was the body of Joe Orton, the 34-year-old playwright whose anarchic, outrageous and often shocking black comedies had made him the idol of the West End theatre.

The hammer that was used to batter him to death, with nine frenzied blows to his skull, lay above the bed cover on Orton's chest.

On the floor, naked, his hands, chest and bald head streaked with his victim's blood, lay the body of Orton's 41-year-old gay lover, Kenneth Halliwell, who had died within 30 seconds from a massive overdose of Nembutal, pre-deceasing the murdered man by several hours.

Entertaining Mr Sloane, the glittering, dark comedy about love, death and violence, which Orton dedicated to Halliwell, his lover and killer, is once again running in London's West End in an acclaimed revival starring Oscar-nominated actress Imelda Staunton and Mathew Horne of the television sitcom, Gavin And Stacey.

Mike and Ann Coriam, from Chester, along with maritime expert and family spokesman Bill Anderson, strongly suspect Rebecca was murdered following a sex attack.

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