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Since we have real collections now, and not dummy ones, we will need to fill them up with some data in case they are empty, so we can test our application properly.

Dim chat Temp chat Temp = Mid(Application("chat"), Session("chat Index")) //fetches whatever chat data hasn't been fetched yet Session("chat Index") = Session("chat Index") Len(chat Temp) //set index to last read position Response.

Hery Cahyono, a face recognition expert from the police's Indonesia Automatic Fingerprints Identification System (Inafis) division, said the authorities used several methods, including biometrics, to check whether the woman who appeared in the sex chats was really Firza.

He said the police compared pictures of the female activist when she was arrested over an alleged plot against the government on Feb 4 with her suspected pictures in the Whats App conversation.

La pobreza se define como derechos que todos los menores de edad deben tener: educación, nutrición, salud, agua y saneamiento básico, vivienda, seguridad económica, seguridad, tiempo libre y recreación, y acceso a la información.

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