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The Russian investigative paper Novaya Gazeta reported that Goilabiyeva was being forced to marry a local official. The Chechen woman is powerless; she can expect help from nowhere," one of Goilabiyeva's girlfriends posted, according to The Daily Beast.

He reportedly threatened her parents, demanding that he marry her on the day of her 17th birthday, May 1, and even warned that he would kidnap Goilabiyeva. "Kheda told him that she has a boyfriend, but it was disregarded.

They say that her boyfriend was beaten half to death." Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov, who attended the wedding ceremony, accused the media of "inaccurately depicting the situation and meddling in the couple's private lives," according to The Moscow Times.

"I am sure those who unceremoniously interfered for a long time in the private lives of Nazhud and Luiza will answer in court," Kadyrov, who is rumored to also have a second wife, wrote on his Instagram on Friday.

A smaller group of protesters returned after dark to scale the gates, and fling armfuls of flowers across the doorstep and lawn.

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