Christian dating age

by  |  15-Apr-2017 23:57

I recently posted in the "Story Research" forum asking how to properly portray a married couple who have a significant age difference.

I really look forward to hearing about this from you.

There are many people that could benefit from reading about this aspect of marriage especially when choosing a partner.

Is this something seen as a controversial issue in terms of morals and faith, or does it depend on each individual? I'm thinking of writing a story about a married couple with a significant age gap, but I'm still considering how to go about it. And I think the biggest concern anyone ever has is whether the older person is somehow being taken advantage of, especially if they are in their 50s and older, and taking on someone substantially younger.

I know that several years ago it wasn't uncommon for a man and woman with a big age gap to marry, for whatever reason. I think my position as a twenty-something woman plays more into my view of age-gap relationships than my faith does.

Many Thanks, A Concerned Reader You make several excellent points in your letter about the barrier that age differences cause.

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