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Police said the woman bought a ticket with cash before stripping naked and walking around inside the terminal, WXIA reported.She was taken into custody and transported to a hospital for a psychiatric evaluation.I am from the village Narikkuni, Kozhikode, and Pathu and I share the same home town! The character is a collaboration of many of the women I have come across during my life at Narikkuni.

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The major reason for the occupation of Malabar was the desire to have access to the Indian Ocean ports.

The Mysore invasion provided the English East India Company more chances to tighten their grip on the ancient feudal principalities of Malabar and converting Travancore, over whom Mysore Sultans attacked after Cochin, to a mere protected ally By the 18th century, all the petty kingdoms of Kerala had been absorbed or subordinated by three big states of Travancore, Calicut (ruled by Zamorins) and Cochin.

'Hey every f***ing body, look at how f***ed up my p**** is and I don't give a f***,' the unidentified woman shouts.

She then stands upright before continuing to walk and shout, 'I don't give a f***.' Several travelers kept walking past the woman as others stop dead in their tracks appearing to be shocked at what she's doing.

Kingdom of Mysore, nominally ruled by the Wodeyar family, rose to prominence in India after the decline of the Viajayanagara Empire and again after Mughal empire.

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