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here to say nice things about this psychic I went to see in Canada Montreal People say psychic are scams but this lady is one of the best she should be on tv she got my past right gave me my futur and told me to check myself with my dr they found a lump on my breast she was right she saved me she is no scam Ety Ballas aka Esther Ballas aka Esther serruya has been scamming a lot of people in the montreal Jewish community She goes to any funeral and gets close to the family members even by having sex with them she is a wh ore She tells them she can talk to the dead and scams money from them She had a baby in France and left her child there and came to Canada to scam more people I have been to see esther ballas a few times a psychic the last time she told me we had to go meet a rabbi his name is MARUANI we went to go see him at or shalom in ddo I sat down in his office and esther told him that he needed to remove my curse So he told me to strip naked I freaked I said why he said god wants you to do it well I ran straight to the police but since they didn't force me there is nothing that can be done ok people please be very careful of them Yesterday esther ballas called me to come see her She has done a few readings before.…
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