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French actress Berenice Marlohe is most widely remembered as Bond girl in James Bond movie ‘Skyfall’. The chemistry between the pair seemed so real that many of their fans believed that these two were having an affair.A very talented, hard-working and totally career focused Berenice, is a gorgeous actress who was rumored to be dating Daniel Craig. However, the fan’s assumptions appear to be false as Craig is a happily married man.It took just six months for Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz to go from newly dating to newlywed husband and wife -- but how?

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During an interview with FHM magazine, Marlohe was asked about her dream guy. If he has nothing to say or he is not funny or doesn’t have something happening in his eye, then he is not attractive.

She revealed that good looking is not the only thing that matters to her, the guy needs to be sharing with a good sense of humor and have magical eyes to win her heart. Charisma and sense of humour is what gives him that ‘wow’, you know?

Daniel Craig (born )Daniel Craig is an English actor most well-known for playing the part of James Bond in 'Casino Royale', 'Quantum of Solace' and 'Skyfall'.

Childhood: Daniel Craig was born in Chester, Cheshire, England.

Acting career: Daniel was in Tony Kushner's theatre show 'Angels in America' in 1993 and even appeared in an episode of 'Heartbeat' in the same year.

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