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On a match, the previous value is supposed to be restored and a messagebox should pop up and warn the user while resetting that field to edit mode. Private Sub dgv Contestant Pool_Cell End Edit(sender As Object, e As Data Grid View Cell Event Args) Handles dgv Contestant Pool. Value) = True Then ' Reset the value to the original value... Cell End Edit ' On the editing of the field, check to see if the value already exists.

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Data Grid View Cell Validating Event Args) Handles dg Checks.

Must be a numeric value to continue." End If Case "Date Cleared" If Date.

In a datagridview (vs2005, I have two columns that are checkboxes.

I need to check that only one of the two can be checked.

Data Property Name = "Cell_2") Then If CBool(Datagrid1("Cell_1", e. I wrote code in the cellvalidating event as follows. Data Grid View Cell Validating Eve nt Args) Handles Datagrid1.

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