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by  |  24-Mar-2016 13:49

How do I determine if the user has moved to the new record row of a Data Grid View in VB 2010? Dave The problem with using the Select Ion Changed event is that it is raised whenever a cell is selected or unselected, i.e.

I'm trying to do something like this: If New Record Row entered then Do something Else Do something else End If I assume that code such as the above could be put in the Data Grid View_Selection Changed event and it would execute whenever the user navigated to a dirrerent row. highlighted, which can occur without the Current Row changing.

Does the Column Display Index Changed() meth fire if display index of Como Box Cell under the specified column is changed ?

If it does it could be the better option becauce it means it would only fire once if per click wouldn't it. Hi, from what I can gather, you want to spcify exactly which cell is being changed and then send your value off to wherever from that?

Current Cell Changed also gets raised when changing cells within the same row.

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