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__________________ Torrent: Nyaa DDL [1080p]: part1, part2, or Google Drive DDL [720p]: part1, part2 __________________ Production Company: AIC Vintage: Summer 2012 Burn-Up Scramble, Ga-Rei-Zero (w/ Asread), Girls Bravo, Strike Witches 2, Tokko, Maken-Ki! , Dragon Pink, G-Taste, Gall Force, Luna Varga, Mayoi Neko Overrun, Masquerade, Maryuu Senki, Megazone 23, Moldiver, Nightwalker, Oni-Tensei, Parasite Dolls, R-15, Nyan Koi, Photon, Rei Rei, Riding Bean, Silent Mobius, Sex Demon Queen, Sol Bianca, Tenchi Muyo, Spaceship Agga Ruter (hentai), Very Private Lesson, Wanna-Be’s, Zoku Gosenzo San’e (hentai) Heaven’s Lost Property, El Hazard, Amagami, Ah My Goddess, Appleseed, Nana to Kaoru, Date-A-Live _____________ __________________ Very random.

This did not feel like an anime that would have nudity packed extras on BD.

Like most ecchi anime from 2010 to 2012, the art quality is very good.

Her goal in high school is to have sex with 100 guys; however, her insecurities as a virgin causes her to turn down any advances.

She believes the first step towards realizing her dreams is to lose her virginity to an inexperienced boy; this leads her to pursue Takashi Kosuda after she accidentally falls on him at the bookstore.

However aside from a couple great scenes with the twins and Miku this season was pretty barren service-wise instead focusing heavily on the mediocre plot and action scenes.

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