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The last thing Alexa needs is another talk-show worthy drama in her already complicated life. Very nicely written and the characters were believable. I love reading about strong independent women who have strong independent men losing their minds over them. Review by: Readin Chillin on April 21, 2011 : I really enjoyed Dating a Cougar's storyline.

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And so the fate had it that I had "accidentally" used Derek's Dark Rake Method on my 38-year-old professor at University of California, Irvine.

Long story short, we ended up having hot, steamy sex at her study on one humid summer afternoon in 2010. I love women of all shapes, sizes and ages, but over time I had developed a taste for women at least 7-10 years older than me. If you want something specific to use on older women, then you'll have to rely on your own creativity." So over the years, with guidance from Derek, I developed my own style of seduction, and having field-tested my techniques on cougars as young as 32 (and as old as 55!

Since cougar dating continues to be a growing trend, Dating VIP dipped its toes into the 'cougar sea' and launched this amazing site.

Most everyone is aware of the term 'cougar' as it relates to women of a certain age who find younger men attractive.

The study has been criticized, however, for limiting their results to online dating profiles, which are traditionally not used by those seeking older or younger partners, and for excluding the United States from the study.

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