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Should you help a young lady put her coat on, or does she want to put it on herself?

What you do can make your date think you are either a first-class lady or gentleman or a first-class jerk.

I think that’s probably because I am better than Serbian men in terms of looking after women.

I am always happy to take care of my Serbian girlfriend’s needs.

The age issue is clearly observable in countries that had have passed through some historical event, a war, revolution of a change in political systems, like previous satellites of the ex-USSR where there is a huge generational divide between those who grew up in the 'Communist era' and those who did not, the same is also valid to those under Fascist regimes, these deep social changes have an impact in what is deemed appropriate behavior in a society.

You can call any emergency number (112 or local emergency numbers) from any phones even mobile phones which are protected by a password.

Here is some advice and what to know when you are interested in dating a Serb man or woman.

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