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DARK SOULS 3 UPDATE: The new Dark Souls 3 update is set to go live in a couple of hours, but before that, there will be some brief downtime for PS4 and Xbox One gamers.

From 1AM GMT Dark Souls 3 players on PS4 and Xbox One will be unable to play the game while it undergoes server maintenance.

As well as implementing a series of game fixing changes, the new patch also "increases" Dark Souls 3's frame rate when played on PS4 Pro.

However, it is still unclear whether the frame rate will jump from 30 FPS all the way up to 60 FPS.

Question topics include the feeling of…Hinterland Studio founder and Creative Director Raphael van Lierop recently joined Games TM’s indie developer roundtable to discuss 2016’s most exciting indie games and the state of the games industry.

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