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Yes, even if it’s in the kitchen of someone else’s house. Here’s to Kimmy-esque spontaneity, taking risks, asking out that person you’ve had your eye on, and going back for that second or fourth bowl of ice cream. And although some mistakes are more forgivable than others, we shouldn’t worry so much about doing or saying the wrong thing.

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I have another house in Gozo, a wee island off Malta. He wanted to find other things to define him, or feeling his age more than he lets on, he needed to know where he came from in order to know where he was going to. In the way that women feel OK with gay guys you can do that as a straight guy when you are 71.” His complexion is flawless – he doesn’t look 71. We're speaking before the result of the referendum is known, so I wonder: is it a statement about Scottish independence? We would just lay in bed in the dark and she would ask me impertinent questions and I would talk. He was a joy.” He gets out his phone and shows me a plethora of Robin Williams photos. “No, he’s tired because he’s just come to Scotland and he’s knackered. “It’s an act,” he says and suddenly gurgles with laughter so you’ve no idea if it is or it isn’t. See - Billy Connolly: 30 great quotes - 100 funny jokes by 100 comedians The Big Short, the film adaptation of Michael Lewis' book of the same name about the causes of the financial crisis, opens in UK cinemas this weekend.

There might be a jacket I miss and then I’ll remember it’s in another house.” He also says, “If you are on the road too long you become a fanatic for your shoes because you can only take three pairs with you, otherwise you have to be Arnold Schwarzenegger to carry your bag through the airport, so you begin to miss all your shoes. Connolly’s Wild Oats co-star Mac Laine is a big believer in past lives. “Oh she’s very smart with all that stuff, but a space cadet. We talked a lot about everything.” Demi Moore is also in the movie. “I don’t behave 71 and I don’t have 71-year-old friends, although I’ve noticed some changes recently like some mornings I have to get up and stretch and it didn’t use to be like that.” Does that make him think of his various illnesses? “I made the decision ages ago never to speak about Scottish independence during this referendum,” he says carefully. I would always joke around and say, ‘Be nice to me. Look at this one.” He shows me a happier one where they are embracing each other and another where he is wearing a kilt. For all his lack of attachment to things, his phone seems to store his entire life. Pamela and I are often not together because we are completely relaxed with each other. How will the story stack up against the greatest films about business?

Not long after joining, Rob opened up about his initial worries that his sexuality may make fans struggle to believe his character is in love with a woman on screen but he quickly dismissed these fears.

He is clearly believable on screen and more than engaging to viewers as he is up for the British Soap Award of Best Newcomer, having impressed both his bosses and the fans who watch the show.

Because obviously neither of them are in a place for a relationship right now, but there's still a lot of history there. I think for us, the decision to have Malone be in the crosshairs and die when he did was more motivated by what we wanted to do with Felicity this season, independent of Oliver.

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