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In August, move into 25,000-square-foot plant in El Cajon, California; guitar #16250 (a 712) is a “transitional” instrument (built in Santee plant, strung-up in the new El Cajon facility); 400 series ending number: 3152.

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There are many factors that can affect the value of your vintage guitar.

Some of those include variables such as refinished bodies or necks, replaced parts, refrets, and overall condition of the guitar.

In case you are wondering about the tag in the pics, he recently had it for sale at a local shop.

Dating a Guitar to locate the year it was made - Locate the year your guitar was made to find out the possible value depending on condition.

The Villain lands somewhere in the middle, with classic super-strat styling but all the appointments you’d need for even the most extreme death metal. The Warbeast is a cross between the Warlock and Beast body styles.

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