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by  |  14-Mar-2016 05:23

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And even more scary, oftentimes the next step after texting is “hooking up.” That whole getting to know each other on a series of dates has gone out the window.

And a boy picking up a girl and making awkward conversation with her parents? A 2015 study by Child Trends Databank reveals that 12th graders who say they do not date rose from 14% in 1991 to 38% in 2013.

So I really like this person who is in dance, and we text a lot but I dunno how to take our relationship to the next step.

She is petty busy with dance and I have a part time job so, any ideas?

If you are the one who feels like they are holding back while your partner is in a hurry to move forward don’t be afraid to tell them how you feel and say if you want things to slow down.

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