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Now, I have to leave this body and was waiting for an opportunity to end my life.

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“Don’t be scared or sorry as these are the ways of destiny…”, this was the last words of Krishna as told to Jara, a hunter mistook former’s feet to be a deer and accidentally shot him with the arrow. After this he wandered about immersed in deep thought and finally began to accept his destiny. He understood that his karma in this earth is almost over. It was a consequence of his own act of killing Bali in his previous incarnation as Lord Rama.

On 18 February 3102 BCE Krishna went to a forest near Prabhasa theertham (the junction point where Gomathi river joins the sea), in Gujarat to meditate, in his chariot driven by Dharuka. Inform all those left in Dwaraka, that it would be shortly submerged by ocean as Dwapara Yug was ending and that all should move to other places for safety…” In the forest, Krishna witnessed his brother Balram attain the final liberation or videha mukti (consciously and intentionally leaving one’s body).

Contrary to the belief that Dattatreya was a celibate yogi the above sources show him to be a householder born not to Atri rishi but to unknown parents of Atri lineage.

It is in later life that Dattatreya renounced and took to yoga and spiritual path.

In this article the legend of Dattatreya’s birth from the Puranas is critically examined for its plausibility using the information from Rigveda, the epics Ramayana and Mahabharata, the Puranas and the excellent published analytical studies of these ancient works by scholars.

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