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I am reading more and more about this “sexual element” to couchsurfing and it is portraying a very negative image on the whole concept. But if people purposefully use this concept purely for sexual perks then the whole system needs monitoring. Reply Elaine – I don’t think it’s the vast majority at this point; more of a niche group that is getting some attention.

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All of these issues and more can actually be solved very simply… Once again, I'll start with a little background information: After living in Spain for one year and successfully having reached a pretty good level of Spanish, I moved to Germany for 2 months (to practise the German that I had learned in school), then Italy for 3 months.

I was working at the reception in one of Rome's most important youth hostels and it gave me an excellent chance to practise all of these languages with budget travellers.

I recently shared my most important decision ever that started me on the path to becoming a polyglot, but it lead to a lot of questions that some of you have been raising in the comments and contacting me about.

What if you don't live in the country that speaks the language you want to learn?

She told me she’d handed hosting duties over to Raul, her roommate.

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