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Launch the designer and make yours now » If you have an enquiry on making your cards, we're here to help. Uploading images is easy and intuitive, shipping time was faster than I expected, and the best part of it all was that, each time, I've been contacted by a staff member from the site when there were issues with my card box design.Not only did they give me advice so my box came out better, they also saw my ordering process through to the end.Although the average person probably associates Bicycle brand playing cards with the famous "Rider Back" design, the United States Playing Card Company, or "USPCC" (which produces the Bicycle brand) actually produced over 80 different back designs with the "Bicycle" name over the first few decades of the brand's existence. First, many of the earliest designs were "one-way" backs, i.e. For instance, several different backs contain a three-pronged wing in the middle of the card that can be oriented in 2 different ways.

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But this was actually the second design to carry the "Bicycle" name; the first was the Old Fan back design, which was first produced in 1885 (and recently revived to commemorate the 125th anniversary of the Bicycle brand). (The one notable exception is the League back, which was first printed in 1893 and is the only back to retain a three-pronged wing.

The reader may observe that many of the designs were revised one or more times and thus appear in multiple variants (e.g. It also appears that this back has never gone out of production, and is still a favorite among magicians because of its asymmetry.) Second, the USPCC tried to keep up with the times, so it periodically updated the decks to reflect newer designs in bicycles, automobiles, and motorcycles.

I want to start off by saying that this is not a complete guide to Blue Seal playing cards or the entire history of them.

This is my knowledge and the knowledge of my fellow card collectors and magicians that have helped me bring this information to you.

With over a decade of card handling, and having used thousands of decks with dozens of different finishes and stocks, let me try to explain the mystery that is the Blue Seal. How ’bout at the beginning of what might be considered the first Blue Seal, the overall design of which is still used today.

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