Dating problem probability nonverbal cues that convey interest in dating

by  |  27-May-2016 21:21

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And let's say for the sake of this simple example that we'll measure "hit if off" by the fact that I can get a date.

Here we're also going to assume that, if someone finds me attractive, the probability that they'll respond is 1 (meaning they will definitely respond).

If we follow this rule, we’re essentially picking an integer at random.

The probability, then, of picking the best element from an integer sequence of length \(N\) with this rule is \(\frac\).

Then, I would let out the most condescending sigh imaginable, the sort of sigh that says I-have-unimaginable-wisdom-born-of-experience-and-am-from-the-future, and say, “Not that sort of woman. You need mathematics –” “Let me tell you about the secretary problem.” Consider the plight of John. He lives in Utah and likes country music, hunting, and four wheelers. He has a couple short-term relationships going on right now, but to Bruce or Sidney? I call this the dumbest-thing-that-could-work heuristic. In the case of the secretary problem, our horrible solution can be the lucky number seven rule: In an integer sequence, always choose the 7th item.

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