Dating rules kiss first date

by  |  07-Feb-2017 05:37

If you both are simply looking forward to an interesting evening with someone of the opposite sex, then there is barely any reason for kissing.

On the other hand if you and your partner are meeting with the specific intention of exploring romantic possibilities then kissing may definitely be on the cards and yet not comprise a mandatory act.

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If sparks still don’t fly, don’t worry; love at first sight is still more common in movies and novels rather than in real life.

On the other hand if you can actually feel the air crackling with chemistry, then a kiss may be inevitable.

Of the many first-date issues that wrack a man or woman, perhaps none is as insistent as the matter whether or not to kiss the first time you are going out with someone.

If you have been obsessing about this every time you are out on a date, maybe it is time to deal with the issue head on. Kissing is sweet; and fun and exciting, especially when you are doing with someone you find yourself attracted to.

However, “if it doesn’t feel right you should leave it” as it’s either too soon or they’re not the right person for you. We’ve known couples to get engaged on their first date, but equally it can take a long time for chemistry to develop and some relationships are built on solid friendships.

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