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Sisters Lana and Stephy Scolaro realized they were loaded once they discovered not everyone takes a chef, or a private jet, on vacation.

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Dating Stephy is an album by Stephy Tang, and was released on February 14, 2007 in three different versions.

It was released in conjunction with Valentine's Day in order to match the theme of the album.

On this episode: the ladies are outraged by Mars Hill’s stupid dating advice, Stephy found a Christian blog that says “when you get to know your husband’s penis, you honor God,” and our husbands read a transcript of one of our episodes (Gregg playing the role of Simone, David playing the role of Stephy).

Also: Amazon reviews written by geniuses, fried chicken, BJ camp, and words Simone hates.

Is your online Date saying something along the lines of: “Ok babe listen ..

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