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And there arc more albums com- ing, all riding on the success of Meador or Sherman. In Syracuse recently, Dale Kelly, program director of WOLF, sparked a promotion built on this fact. Buffalo, in addition to his duties as early-evening deejay WCOP. Weiss also manages Music Center, a leading local record store. disks on Jersey Jamboree,” heard in the New York Oft metropolitan area on WJRZ, Newark, recently asked teners to vote for their ftivorite country artists and tunes Hh key finding: ^‘Direrse likes and dislikes when it comes to C.&W, material.” Brooklynites, for example, favored Hank Snow and Flatt and Sernggs. Residents of Jersey's up^r-incomc Bergen County liked Texas Jim Robertson (who was the over-all winner on points). PHONOGRAPH PUni G Wa «amr raplicamant pliitkp Far Wurlltiar, Baaburp md AJM.

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lung i., llnf ftkin dl AMMHi Li ■ h J*Ii tribute la htj tnowtrebce of Osniutoloi X Complain t n treated twnmnkily ■nfl by pmt tn- dudp ' Dandruff and m Jt scalp oom- pumu, ecznt A, PSORIASIS, GERM UNDER NAIL, UXj CSRS. For Instance, this la the eort of thing the had laughed at, travetlinx from Maun: tiis to Durban: "The iteamer was Laden with FUgax and . »»M raae ntgg f W iaa Ss Caeseoreag*, /-o,, rrmn Y. Lilt Uf hnuues atniirui Ilka hnirle^i faces, aa If the sun had burnt from them browjt and lafihca. The range of colours and tiaet tho amazing variety, provides a sports shoe to suit every purpose, price and fancy. December U, fi H% The King 's Daughters ( -\_ continuing an Intimate and Authentic Study of Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret Rose H ritttii and yublixhed by the gracious pvrmitsion of Their Majesties, and dluslrutetl with many pholoyraph H taken by the Kimj himself. lias ids, proves a^ain that love laughs at the locksmith* Lout also puis the bent laid ptati H of parmfs into tht dis- cord. There is the, mums r S3 headaches is an m- nilid, the severe, the persist- i terna! Fpeciah M sided, the sore-headed, the A thml cai U)p ^ Wlfll JTIftll frontal, the back-of-the-head | headache In kidney trouble. ally rhrnnlr; Inf Ummatlon Ot the kid- mentinn the '-splitting hcad-! For Sport and C rorijot Len Be could utt thftt the wu tryins lo bt ■'np KUlly nice id Mm. Quldtly lie turned Ru paer-v ta HIng Frcd', he had bought It only a month a^o More Blowiy. She boticht them at the sireet market tor a few pence, ai flhe went on her found of mom- ki« •daopplnc Vtany of Ute hnwkeni In Mu Mlrblireh Road knew her. to buy fruit and flan and ve&Eilablea cheaply there. The chef-nut Lreea were hreakiuff Into and tits waterfowl went scur- rying ncritti the wlnd-rur Tied wa Ler. the palms of which were covered by a mldi Jih derma- litis, rather like p%But It was not paortaals. I'd Htvo anything to e-c rid of t L I've trifd every kind of ointment under the iun But none of them seem in be Uu- s IUrhteu L use." "No! Latins u» pad, drew out a diet, for her, adding also a list of foods winch *be rtitit absolutely avoid. Beat example of letuna; throuoh this d.rrlcu Jl age grace- fully la Deuinn Durbln Then q% there'a Judy Oarlaxal and. admiu Ui«t all la not Tretl *l Lh till marrtosfi Lo VOrinla Vaill. 3 HUNTER STREET, SYDNEY National Library of Australia 8587 Pagi tilx ft. i(,X,« (r.„„,v, Y*,-lh m OVit WORLD T Dertmtirr 11. M* 1 j | piuri^ SFEr T^us ETi O/ £M W li amartly Qjj.i[.t*t viti: Ot Uar. Fnclne live room, the revolver la hrr ri£ht hand, ihe ranched out with her letl hand tint! "I did tit worn u td U him, But It wm hts life or yours. The lifti al» iiae brnnrtu-i irith braun eyes in the oppoule MK The poll ainuni: the mate denla rrvenlrd that only C per cm L voted a prelerenee tat red- v#lillr 56 per real, pre- ferred Vruncltes aad ^16 per vent, voted for blnndfft. It hud betitt trat Wid by Oho Who Ifnew lt& valiii-. S'rom ttcram the Plains, 1 ahould ;fay " "Strange," said Cymbalme wnnderingiy. Only itm ile Heuty flniter of hpr wwrtnla bntr&yed the aiimy tumult In her. Perrin saw her and her purchases aafely tnaidr lta nrmg Khe Jter before ne drove away. It waa thf prid^ af hi" life io wait upon hrr, to b* cmo Ln thai lone train which drifted helplessly In her tivn that ramo to hor wac grlat to her mill, 11 fteenued, both materlatiy and aplrltually. The flrl did not like hun even, had never been at fault; In hia affair. National Library of Austln*t J|i H//au/ TUT «t STR*LUA WO UK* * Wtt KIT SONS TO FORTUNE 7 It wilk her anlv hoof, and she took It If •In had tuyed h IVt II'fft moment she would haw (Tut Ht herwlf beoide him. The man behind the ratt*d box stared at her for onn Jong,, painful mciment, his hand arrested In Its geatnre. Always, there In the tender coll to right living, to the hght of God. who rwore und dnn Uc arid debauched In g»y defiance of nil tbo aceepted law* of Gmr J. «ho wa« like 11 Bower with a lamu behind It, and her mother felt q fcenae nf nhoclc No living tii Nu could lung have been obliv- loun (If Ihe lure nf Botelle Turrani In her JOUt* arid hei' aatoundltuj guile, sin- wai tnuorriwn Itai U. who could do wluii you did tnat — Uiat iiiilortutiate nlghf. 1 have wanted to apeak of that.* he wont on stiniv. r*or one moment there were ln her loiclj fare all ttie raraga« of anger, ihamc and hale, the duik. lib hand Btnir nlank mi aual looked upon that uinn Ita rata. EKa) the man gfcwri Ui rtla aunco: :trrihi'- nhnline brftire-- Mantua] po-wrr. kept htm from wrlnc lliein null rwosnltlon navtlntutr race nf flanclw.

Little albino houses eowenng from the Iciwerfng aeowd of thr dark gutci of Ht-r Majesty a fenal Esta b Hshmen L, up on th« hill Behind thoi? At cll Ui Dlfit Jl tuid stores L/a lwttlc."- National Library of Australia 8566 m mlurday, Urrtmtrr II. How Princess Elizabeth awakened to the realisa- tion that her mother was the new CJucen of the Empire is told in this week's instalment of the King's Daughters. 3 LWn Softer, Safer PROTECTION fa © BOX OF 12 TOWELS "Price 1 1 1 - 1 nn ;■ 1 1- 1 ■ 1 tt V\t \m-.i.. SOI 1 1*k*ih€:[ Tlwjf are ("dittcd with (fatau f CQtitut. S Af'KI liresuir i [Umir*** hm* k nin Litur* prrxtr Iiui'Ihuk- — llu* onif rtrtain inpuof at t-4ini|il(ilr (vrxnr-:1i Dii. Doreen rame to Eng- land (o continue her tduca~ iion; :tn remain* to iced a peer'9 son eariff next summer. her one thought was to gather knowledge at the fountains of European culture. displacement The beat cnura rnt dull ache the recurrent fltlch * periodical pin-statem head- twinge, the boring, the one- J 10 ^l* 1 " ■ borough cver- .feta? ' 1c Mwmpamed by high blood pro- ache" whirh wompn have sure 1x1 BUch cn W5 th CTe ,a acne wnicn women nave „ h ^ ft Chinj( .. This Kmtt* IM Jilm and nioilr him gu Ulvr than pvbt. h» retltfctad— pro- Leo Hluii nruorptlnn In the mnrnlni; pspe T— Has sot to be ahown hej place occaalonally. She oufht to have been more comclouu of her x Und Lng as th* wife of a profes- sional man, but alas! tym and fifae cften brought her purcha-es , hiitk ! »cop- I pine at Frau Schmidt's on tht way back for a Ip W mlnu Ul5■ convetsailnn I nnd a wedae of the Llbiauer cliueae which Aiidtw lilted so well Frequ*-n.i ly. 1l was m good Dubntltute lor the open countryside which oho had always ; lowd so much. If I ever do get a car you'll have to drive the darn thing. But I muit tell you rw been to a pr^at mnny doctorft round hetr," She pulled off her glovea. alilioufh he vouldn'i quite aay uimula so buy a ihlp of ki'n ' that li't ~oa Ujc rocka" i down the mi const oi Hcu U-. t have CT Jack Warner, executive head " of Warner 8 ma. lit/ | * * DOUBLE OR NOTHING Jllfl C t MJilrr i r-aramieiin L I f Wtrkt Bnt /Ctfir Utf J (f ANOt'lf J, plump, tcit-uiiunxl, top crooner Croitty detlvcn *wxla c wjn, Btn*\ Marin* Hey*. and Wi HUm Frawtey each have a chmt Utt 'if t«y ml nw. tnti haa pul T i Jn*n aufl njfii Fun (at&atrd akirt \a\o bi Mllc B. deliberately *Trtpt wme rrrt^lleominient from the tiblo tot.hrfifxir. SUty per cent of the yiri* prrferrrd dart haired men; IS per cent, ruled for blnndr*, and 3 per cent, for red-head*. H ■ Forger it," Allan aald again, and she lay itlll in l"da a rmx and listened to the unabn-ted roar or wind and rain and pounding waves. Vou know how rve heett ever since that nl([hi when the tree : ■ ■ ; . ■ ud Ltnnfurl to othrr fnriiin of rrrurmrric lr i ji ■■ vow Inter and htlpi you to rem til di-n .1 «nd Hlhrn- For nmmo drbiliiy it it imrujujllrd Thr lottir proprtlun pf [tlf HM. cuinioty, the man who had made p^l KIe the CAlieo Shrotid. sptiiins herself under the p Luiii rube, the leather curtain. Ft jjlance artmml the minty sr.reftt her ej-e» fell upon another car- tf Uflg' acroas the way In whluh a young girl hnt. He had looked at net arrow ihe ht*da of men in the Calico Shroud and laved her at ad Eht. Uu wife waa breaking her huari over It All thb paaaed Qiilckiy through Cymba.- lne*a mind, oral ahe fruwned. hnvr gath- ered htau In hot arms, have promised *wny Mr love. Go poignant woe bti attitude, tita illanee, ihni henilri Lwsou La l-urn, mrn looked t» pen what had stopped his linpanntoni-d us- i^ranue, Wlirn th CF saw Uiry moved, nclrred, and tl'jp grip of the cvangedtet wai broken. "Cymbal- in*r Atid aooteone el» said, "What dnei he mflan? The^e noted tn the gamine places, wagered greal rta Jcea, won and bvif, forlirmw m a nltfiil, and tmmeiimca shot each othrr with lial Mrlgger kwiftnnx. jut »he enntjlved to walk brnldo him when they all went u the uber- flttclc on foot that nlffht. "id ihank j-ou for tlie lory brave thing you did." "It wafl nothing," said*. the loot, the Mufil L 12 Then, 'lit Irail tl9 ftiniriork looked at hri nd Btnir nil Ml Deli M*.

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we dinn'i p^t home RStt U nuirtiuuc from Hint pari) 1 - Adventure A ymmtf architect liad time on hi- hand* to admire hl.i bent work ... GROW LASHES AND BROWS IN 30 DAYS tt*i aihrt *a«tur« l s Uica*«r] will poiiiierlj w»- cm J* Uiaix i Maib slid Uisl RUe S. The Vgly Duckling T*M£R£ are per ha pi few women in the world who have luflerctf id much from lh* Ulngs and arrow* of outrageous (ortane. heart - teartng separation; married to a planter in Mauritius who offered her M a Hake at cardi At ft Creole duo ''and had so bids - ); toother of two dead children anil devastated by tropi- cal disease; lfupped back to England ~de*o J*:« Lhe .»„: of Mr, H Dlmaixul. or r-u-i.- And her own Ufe la ft record of do* ration to the aan of Lhe huiband who cerred bar ao Hi and uf pltj and fclnc Lnew for the whole auffertof wotfd Elinor Mordaunt came td Aita- tralia, tlrk a lot of the way. than they werr wafltlnw orer my face and Ret Unit tsnrled np in my hair. "One night a haif-eiawfui of rweet wina wma left by miaiake amandins IB fflf wathing-batttn. In all the smart restaurants women are teen in the loveliest pic- ture creations or fetching toques made in the toenuttf il brucaden. Oeners Jly the gowns are of Boor length, trsonlerii. if (rvnu » tn piifdcf ^ and r ■ a g a ngftj 1W ft/ |, U o-rret". Landing nt PVemantle spemed like landhi_g In hell, Co Chitrl Litt JL All day Uie heat had writhirt and withered In the Tlmrstime atrcota till Uie dfusnle of n hurt the eyes. These stylish, strongly made shoe sold in 67 diflerent stylet-for men. IAM *OMKV WKKkn :tter Footing tf D SANDSHOES 3 Sport and Sandshoes fit perfectly jifl of the exclusive "tailored back, above all. They ■and the hardest wear on tennis courts, 'uefling on the beach and road and hard wear that comes to footwear : tdsy time. A* thr foitftieirtff article shotm, most of as xrek WMgf relief, rather than its true must and care. Hi 18 first action in hl A raniul Uiur-room wu to take down the Mrdteaj Ulrectury. Regular use NMHLE ro R W* rax* SEav ATiov iir Tasxsui--in\. in return for thin security and comfort -after montlu of strait- ened unc (trtnlnty - Mtjl Bauiie 1 1 could not do enough iu prrjve hrr isorili. With nuridpn In- tercu L hr muk up a □l Acnlfylng tfhus anrl peered more dfu Hy Ufan- while ah* went oh talking to her earnest, convincing vuies. This ts rather an uncommon skin cnnd Jtlrm Mlw Cramb it's no pood treating it locally. I'd try anythhig." Metieulou A'y *he puid him his fee, lingered an though still dubious; then went away He Uiimodluteiy forgot her. com- tng this time by the front door, and entering the consid Uns-room with M-lflb an p-f predion of BUppren Hrf lervor that he* could barely keep from milling. doct OJfr n -Yea." Now he did smile, "[hope p OU don't regret the diet." -Re-fret Kt" Shn nummdored tier hands to him in a passion ol ETra U- tude. : Ii ."Mi hsej/ 1 the eaxitinjj rwfuittc I Not 4 mere rrhleniiine ot iviunri. To crown your j KOf Maur.y vrirh mmancc and *iiic ! musi try tins am seawtlna this very day | CHARMING TBIAL FUIK f O» ONLY 1 F i C^ca Jxn^ new psh^wmi.! i and I DASHES S a) ew Wamtr lo Vf Am aj Miriam Ilop Uin* vhnwiiic up at an ecr Jna Ji T cafe, whrrr forma J rlnihr^ are preferred, cl&d in white *horti T. 4lf malrh aj Jun Fontaine, the "rryataf blond*." Imiitinc that pair (Try la Ifae rirfil drrw*-^i«l*jr fur her type at bur. Thrir npunlaneou* humor attracted Mt much attention on the lat that tht executive* wert ratted in, and thr idea for a eo-ntarring votrvdy called "Things to Happen" wax hatched then and there. t5 to c«t through thfl "gawky ■ae.' Sot wlih Che aj3U=.donre of s&e y^ftingsicn on tile screen noty. abtirig; her to carry rtgla on with her IB l IX Ms life Specter ITary nu Men interested In ahlnt *nd ni Ung. Panic shot thrnuffh her In a vlviil flaah at the oaund. O u E never qutw knew how she craned the room to the big table on the for Aide. ' Vou bad no clioice." "But It wan like murder, Alton, He hadnt a chance nncv xhp ]|(rhta wr-rr out and J tricked htm Into Gentlemen Prefer , , . on wliafitj ffiflturefi did Du L u Jt sdjtw a Irii of her reaction to the other'u pir-sence. or Aorrow, or ctrn tempt Ftjr Ulu ffk) W« ti JT-a Jt Ja Jine, Oy-nbuilne, who lltrd tn her haouie on tt K U'vvf'/. Tlie hutuie wjeuere were whispers that the Rlrl licpt CLivt. that ■he waa bctiied In lavender water by the ajjed nrjfrwl* who cared for Iwr and Tor her i Luiiie, and loved the jrouna . Money vu the gad who ruled ltu highly decotaiad Interlar rtt OQty of any It Jnd, trraa V mlnl*d BO Id or ran. PEil Rl N bad ac&n it before flh* bad, aiwt now looked uile.r U with a fju Kxl Ed expreaalou. She brought ahothet one □* powder-blue chaltlri nnd put h on her. "cfleii de poor hud Jei* youab Iciivuu de'd be lucky. Dey got a s; ttod to 'cm, An' MM' Mattbun done twn hyah. 1 * it read, boldly, as If wl Ui u rtourifh of dellanee. The boy leaned towards: her and ror one en* chanted, heady moment their young Up* almost, met Then cymhuline cauch: herself with a iflt Je cry that was oimorit one of terror, struck, her hand, palm out. The back of his neck above £tn braided Spanish collar waa white as milk, a strangr paleneas m hia dark flesh. Shakor: 14 her toimitatltnu, those nlnanit tuiplry underplnnlniia 'A licr nature, the girl down, miouthird tlte aoft blue chain* tr her top. Pftm'.y mnh." "Ne'er mind," raid the strl and fell :a with unwonted vigor on Chlo-Va handi- work Th* mln had stepped and n Ugh: hrwie wan blowing, waving the long arms ol Lbs wi Uow«l Acrraa on thn farther bant she could see the If era or Reed'a Orchard, biro and dismal In the aiming di ALlowa. m%iahlite mouth parted cmr amall, even t*eth, Ciyrnbtilincr the Magnlilcenr. ABHTf J." As if they were reletued rruprr a painful bold the crowd brokr •rwtfl Jy, [^tittered In walking groups and Cymbnltne turned with ih&m and ! With the cwiiins c( the young preacher up the town on tlie rlver'a lips a strong* thing began to happen Rellgioil, ferveni, fiinrfr and downrl Bh E, had ita place tn the in** country. and tile latter gave tti** CHupel aftrr thr mormef or their day. There's nothing iike them any-rri pre — tx cept thii one of yours. hesit Am but truthful, "one pnir that Is here in town." If The young pre richer pricked up hit earn, as it were. Iruian Uy thn big, bay Iraprd tnto rtride, arm away down the amooth road by the rira\ the brown coining aftor «t * lov«I foirt that K overtook the other and ttayed balde tt without effort. Her cbee-ci were paunt roee to the golden ivory of her pointed face Her mouth was rw pink, bar eyes aa deeply blue, as « sea in aim.

Dating wmj rua folders

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