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If your profile describes you as “nice,” “outgoing,” “friendly,” “sincere,” “funny,” “kind,” “adventurous,” or “hard working,” we probably fell asleep before we finished reading it. Do you know how many other guys use those exact same words? Get creative with your bio, bust out a thesaurus, and go out on a limb. Once you’re in the room together, well, that’s on you, buddy.Tell us what makes you unique and different, and we’ll recognize your specialness through the virtual haze. Remember, you’re selling yourself, and your buyer is a woman. A spell-checked, grammatically correct, well-written profile shows us you’re on the ball personally and professionally, not some ne’er-do-well living in his mother’s basement. The truth about your age, height, and income are bound to come out down the line if we date. Take the time to get to know her virtually and respond specifically to something in her profile. Just keep one thing in mind: Making a girl laugh is one of the surest ways to win her heart.

If you’re standing 100 yards from the camera, your face is in shadow, or if you’re wearing a hat, you’re messing with our dudedar.

If we can’t get a good look at you to figure out what kind of guy you might be, we probably won’t get within 100 yards of you.

It will help us make our show better for you 🙂 What the hell are women looking for in a man?

What do we find attractive, what turns us off and what makes us want to you over other men?

Well I have to be honest in that when I see an item way too often because it's incredibly hyped I usually get over it very quickly.

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