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Are you ready for four weeks of laughter, lively discussion and storytelling with Joy Eggerichs of Love and Respect Now?

Whether alone, with a friend or a group, follow the next few steps to successfully download one of our “Bundles of Joy.” (Pun intended.) Communication 201 (Single & Dating Edition): Joy Eggerichs is the Director of Love and Respect Now, serving her generation of 18-35 year olds with practical relationship insights she has learned from her parents, Dr. Through writing and speaking, Joy is bridging the gap between generations and helping young adults think about relationships , as opposed to 20 years into marriage.

I've recently come to terms with my own mortality, and that's prompted me to engage in an activity that scares the shit out of me: dating.

Anyway, I'm seeing a great guy and it just so happens that our birthdays are in the same month.

Bren: Hey Maddie, you know what’s coming up real soon?

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