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Please note, many Optional Experiences are operated by independent third party suppliers, not Insight Vacations.The Optionals and pricing listed here are a guideline only and subject to change.Methods have included cownose ray bowfishing tournaments and even an ill-fated attempt to get the ray to take off as a menu item. The Chesapeake Bay produces about 500 million pounds of seafood every year. Scientists believe the crater originated when an asteroid or comet hit the earth roughly 35 million years ago, long after the dinosaurs were wiped out. Outside the Chesapeake Public Library in Great Bridge there’s a 12 pound cannonball, labeled as having been fired at the Battle of Great Bridge.

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Portions of the bay are so shallow that a relatively tall person could wade through over 700,000 acres of water. Chesapeake is a huge powerhouse when it comes to big time pro athlete production. Past winners of the award include Peyton Manning, Emmitt Smith and former Major League Baseball MVP Joe Mauer. QVC, of always-trying-to-sell-you-stuff-on-the-TV fame, is the city’s sixth largest employer. A meteotsunami is a rare tsunami created by fast-moving thunderstorms.

New York Mets' third baseman David Wright, former NBA star Alonzo Mourning and Washington Redskins' Pro Bowl cornerback De Angelo Hall all hail from the city. The Chesapeake Bay area is currently experiencing the highest rate of sea level rise of any place on the East Coast. Scientists believe the most recent American meteotsunami hit the Chesapeake Bay in June of 2012, although the damage was minimal: the resulting waves were reportedly 40 centimeters high. Virginia and Chesapeake Bay area governments have tried a number of methods to keep down the cownose ray population in the area. In Chesapeake, as in all of Virginia, it’s illegal to point a laser beam into the eyes of a police officer. It’s also illegal to release more than 50 balloons in an hour, so please, show some restraint. In 1983, a massive 53-mile-wide crater was discovered beneath the Chesapeake Bay. Two-thirds of the United States population lives within 750 miles of Chesapeake. If you’re driving "Eastbound" on I-64 into Chesapeake, you are actually headed Westward.

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The Virginia Zoo in Norfolk buries its dead animals on a tree farm in Chesapeake. Saturday Night Live performer and impressionist extraordinaire Jay Pharoah is from Chesapeake. Chesapeake's Great Dismal Swamp was central to the Underground Railroad.

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