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With the use of modern technology, people can date via telephone or computer or meet in person.This term may also refer to two or more people who have already decided they share romantic or sexual feelings toward each other.

You want more than just hot make-out sessions and vague “So I’ll see you later? You want someone you can introduce to your family, someone you have a standing date with, someone you can cry to when you’re sad. How are you supposed to bring up such a heavy topic when you’re busy trying to be “cool” girl who doesn’t care about labels? Trying to define a relationship sucks, quite frankly, but you know what sucks more?

How in the world are you supposed to allow yourself to feel vulnerable enough to ask a question that could change everything? Sitting around waiting for him to define the relationship.

There are two types of guys in this world: the ones who want you to be their girlfriend and the ones who don't but naively think that's what they're supposed to do. There is something incredibly straight-forward and refreshing for a guy about not having to broach this topic himself. Maybe you're afraid of freaking him out if he's not "there" yet. If you've been casual for a while and the interactions are more than just hooking up after 1 a.m., my bet is that he's already thinking it and just hasn't gotten up the nerve to ask you yet.

The first type is the one who has taken you on actual dates. I remember a woman I was dating years ago casually turning to me while we were out with friends and saying, "I don't want you to hook up with other girls." That was fine by me. It takes time for a guy to work up the bravery to sit down at the end of a night of bar-hopping and just blurt out "I don't want to see other people. "I know, I know, it seems frustratingly easy to utter a few simple words.

I thought I ordered a crepe, but instead the waiter gave me ham and cheese on baguette. A few months later, I found myself in a similar conversation with another guy who I had one amazing date with. Dating is something you do before you enter into a relationship. I need an evaluation period just as much as you do.

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