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It’s OK for them to meet someone special to you, but keep that person at arm’s length and don’t allow the bonding to take place unless you have a reasonable expectancy that your relationship is going to be long-term.

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If you’re a single mother, for example, and you introduce your new boyfriend to your children, they can immediately attach themselves to that man because they may be really hungry for male attention.

If your new boyfriend bonds with your kids, and then you break up, he’s suddenly gone from their lives.

Are the lucky couples who continue to love and lust and live in relative harmony just that -- people whom the fates have blessed? Love isn't a present that gets handed to you; it's a special kind of learned behavior.

Web MD consulted the marriage and relationship experts to learn the best advice for a good marriage - five secrets to long-lasting love.

In this day and age when just under half of first marriages fail, there is a good chance you may become involved with someone who's divorced.

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