Elucidating the spectrum of alpha thalassemia mutations in iran Free adult chat and pic sites

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It is expected that application of dynamic stabilization confers valuable movement possibility besides its main role of load bearing.

These findings can contribute to a wider understanding of this disorder.

The alpha (HBA1, 141800; HBA2, 141850) and beta (HBB) loci determine the structure of the 2 types of polypeptide chains in adult hemoglobin, Hb A.

The types of β-thalassemia are called major, intermedia, and minor.

β-Thalassemia major is caused by a defect in 2 genes that leads to absence or a severe decrease in β-globin synthesis.

Results: This is a quantitative detection method to measure the changes of copy number which can detect deletions, duplications and triplications of the alpha globin gene simultaneously.

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