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So this is where I turned to a project called phpenv.

phpenv is based on a similar project for Ruby named rbenv.

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Repository content includes:• Managed software to be deployed to your clients• Security content such as DATs and signatures• Patches and any other software needed to carry out the client tasks you create using e Policy Orchestrator software One common misconception some users have is that a repository is created by installing an e Policy Orchestrator server on a system. A repository isnothing more than a file share located in your environment somewhere that your clients can access easily.

Unlike your server, repositories do not manage policies, collect events, or have code installedon them.

How you configure them, and which type you use, depend on the needs of your environment.

About repositories Repositories are where the agents on your managed systems obtain the security content that keeps your managed environment up to date.

Calculating bandwidth for client pulls of updates The bandwidth used to update a new product dramatically increases when updating a new product to clients.

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