Error before updating scaffolding from new db schema No sign up and all free sexchat sites

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error before updating scaffolding from new db schema-78

its already in there, but not sure why its not seeing my synaptic package manager i have the following checked: libdbd-mysql-ruby, libdbd-mysql-ruby1.8, libdbd-mysql, and libdbd-mysql and this is what my site has: Ruby version 1.8.3 (i486-linux) Ruby Gems version 0.8.11 Rails version 1.0.0 Active Record version 1.13.2 Action Pack version 1.11.2 Action Web Service version 1.0.0 Action Mailer version 1.1.5 Active Support version 1.2.5 Application root /var/www/depot Environment development Database adapter mysqlok, so i thought there was something corrupt since i cant install gem install mysql.

well i got that fixed, but still encountering this error Before updating scaffolding from new DB schema, try creating a table for your model (Product) the product table is created and located in depot_development DB. A good article helped me get 'gem install mysql' working : ...

Access denied for user: '[email protected]' (using password:no) ////////////////////// now i assumed that i should put root and my root password everywhere in the Something about accessing the socket that isn't working because it's in the wrong place, but I don't remember details. I suppose it is in the repos, but I usually install Rails with gem so I don't know.

i also check to see if i can access mysql logging in with root root password. If you use gems, just grab appropriate mysql and ruby headers from repos and "sudo gem install mysql".

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