Error updating locale cisco phone

by  |  20-Dec-2016 17:09

And Cisco shareholders wonder why their company is losing market share.It wasn't quite right to reduce Cisco's beautiful (and I do mean beautiful) new COLOR IP telephone to a nuts-and-bolts image.

You then copy these config files to a TFTP server and reboot the phone after pointing it to the IP address of your TFTP server. You can't manually set the TFTP IP address with something like telnet or ssh. You can set it on the phone keypad provided the existing firmware is configured to allow changes. Then replace the network cable connected to your PC with a crossover cable. To perform either of these feats of magic, the drill goes something like this.

To deploy Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express, network services need to be established and properly configured on all routers and switches for Cisco IP phones to function.

The disturbing part of this photo is that it shows the lengths to which Cisco will go to provide literally picture-perfect documentation for how to hang this phone on a wall while there is close to ZERO documentation for how to use it as a SIP telephone with anything other than Cisco's proprietary Call Manager telephone system. For those of us that ran Internet services in a former life, there was Cisco or Cisco when it came to routers.

Luckily, that's not the case in the IP telephony business, and fortunately it's now changed in the router business as well. Creativity and software quality have gone down the rat hole.

Since we all need to be on the same page, let’s start out with the I am not going to go into a lot of detail with things, just give some overview and some examples and it will hopefully be enough to get you in the right direction. The first order of business was to add the phone’s MAC address to DHCP so I could be sure what was accessing the tftp server.

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