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Assess Complete the Youth Infusion Self-Assessment. Consider where your program currently is on the continuum of youth engagement and where you would like to be.

Not every program or activity can or should always involve youth at Level 5.

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Hours of Opportunity: How Cities Can Use Data to Improve Out-of-School Time Programs This research brief highlights out-of-school time initiatives and assesses the conditions and activities that add to the advancement of a coordinated system of services.

It also discusses successful strategies for developing PYD out-of-school time opportunities.

See the list of each faculty members area of expertise and contact information. The Southern Equine Consortium Newsletter is a newly created, educational resource for Southeastern region equine owners and equine industry participants.

Each issue features timely, research-based information related to the care, management, and enjoyment of horses and other equids.

Formed in the United States, under the direction of Dr.

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