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The word "FART" can stand for: Frequency Actuated Rectal Tremor.

Farting, also known as flatulence, is the act of passing intestinal gas from the anus. Have you heard that saying: "Whoever smelt it, dealt it?

The sound of a fart is caused by the vibrations of the anal opening.

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Intestinal gas comes from several sources: air we swallow, gas that seeps into our intestines from our blood, gas produced by chemical reactions in our guts, and gas produced by bacteria living in our guts. " A fart smells the same to the person who delivered it and to the person smelling it.

However, the farter probably smells it last because the fart is propelled away from the body in the opposite direction of the farter's nose. The smell of farts comes from gas and mercaptans (other gases) in the mixture. The more sulfur-rich foods you eat, the more sulfides and mercaptans will be made by the bacteria in you guts, and the more your farts will stink.

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