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She was so smart and funny and warm when I interviewed her back in 2007 that she’s stayed in my head for years (and some of the smart things she said back then just may have seeped into the book).Lucky for me, we were able to talk again a few weeks ago. ) and a Senior Vice President for Business and Legal Affairs at MTV Networks.

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grade parent-teacher conference she expected to talk about all the usual topics: math, reading skills, how her daughter was getting along with the other kids.

She wasn’t expecting the teacher to say, “So I hear you’re dating Dean now!

So I decided I wanted to try my hand at that kind of work. I wasn’t good at it at all — I almost got fired — but it ended up being a fabulous experience.

I made all my best friends in those years, people I’m still really close to.

Gay men have mostly been spared this dilemma because until recently they could not even date publicly, so they didn't, and would instead cut to the chase.

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