Filipino cupid dating site

by  |  15-Jan-2016 06:56

Does one really need to fill in so much about themselves?And would everyone actually give out their real information or fill in whatever they want to, to impress the date?

I may post the original (and change the names) for now you get a simulation of a REAL event..

the emails in this post is real, the story is real.* My name is Ludivina Yasay. About a year ago, I scammed an American named Matt T. I gained his trust, told him what he wanted to hear and he believed me. How it all began After graduating college, I could not find a job.

However, the member can later upgrade his profile by going through the Upgrading process on this site and he can pay the designated amount for the paid services, by clicking the ‘Make Payment’ button at the top of that page.

Different members pay different amounts of subscription fees, which depend on the subscription plan they have chosen on the Upgrading webpage.

the real ludivina yasay is a lady that scammed me lol.

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