Filtering data and validating data in excel

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Also provided free example codes to deal with MS Word, Power Point, Outlook, Access, Other Applications and File Handling.

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For more information about Oracle BI Publisher, see "New Features for" In addition to creating data sets using basic SQL commands, you can create data sets using more complex commands as follows: Procedure Call Use this query type to call a database procedure.

For example, for PL/SQL for Oracle, statements start with BEGIN.

The Text to Speech feature in Excel 2002 can really help speed up this process by reading selected data back to you for verification.

Each cell is highlighted as the value is spoken, and when you hear an error, you can stop to correct the error in that cell.

If youre trying to learn to use Microsoft Excel, try this online tutorial developed by Florida Gulf Coast University: To break a long text entry into separate lines, position the insertion point in the cell entry or on the Formula bar where you want the new line to start and press Alt Enter.

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