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I’m one with which to have a good, great, and grand time, and I’m in touch with my wants, needs, and emotions, and I’m not afraid to get declarative, imperative, interrogative, and exclamatory for a pretty, prim, and proper part of speech.

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There was nothing surprising about the feelings that accompanied the dissolution of a 10-year relationship; I was devastated, but it would be weird if I hadn't been.

Entire movie plots are dedicated to big, proper, capital-B Breakups, but not much attention is paid to the smaller, seemingly less significant 'micro-breakups', a term used by Britany Robinson to describe the end of something that never really was. First impressions are key no matter what the format, and if people can't tell what you look like, their impression isn't going to be a good one.

Online dating is, for lack of a better phrase, freaking exhausting.

I'd be lying if I said I enjoyed using Tinder, Bumble and the like, but dating in this modern age without them is almost unheard of.

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