Glee rachel and puck dating dating someone older by 9 years

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He turns his truck off, taking his seatbelt off and gets out closing the door and walks into the cafe ordering his stuff.

He looked around for a spot to sit at when he spotted a girl he has never seen before, but she was the most stunning girl he has ever seen.

Though they are not together, Puck is seen to believe he and Rachel have a strong connection, saying that they are both "hot Jews." Puck, a popular football player in the school, routinely throws slushies at Rachel's face in Season One in the first episode, Pilot.

In Mash-Up, he has a dream about her and realizes that they are both "hot Jews" and should start dating to make his mother happy.

Everybody knows that Noah Puckerman is a ladies man but what happens when he surprises everybody when he tells his ex girlfriend that he has a girlfriend that's in college and she has two kids that he treats as his own? What happens when his friends and family find out that he has a girlfriend that he really cares about and wants to make it work and what if she shows up to his school one day shocking everybody around him? He groans hating when his mom uses his first name when everybody knows him as Puck because it makes him sound like a badass.

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