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"In the most deliciously stimulating way.""It's always nice to be stimulated," Bobby replied."You've got the most contagious smile, Bobby," Tom later told him, and it wasn't long before Bobby turned his thoughts to the post-date catch-ups with Tom, rather than the dating itself."Is it always like this? "If I get to hang out with Tom after every dud date, I'll never feel down."Elsewhere in the agency, the celebrities' dates have really been hotting up as they gear towards the series' big final dinner party, with Jorgie Porter, Ferne Mc Cann and Perri Kiely all out to impress on their latest meet-ups.First, his long-running series, How to Look Good Naked, was shelved by Channel 4.star Bobby Norris, who reveals he's looking for love - and may have found it before even seeing the matchmakers as he met everyone's favourite receptionist Tom Read Wilson.

In his brand new book, Gok Wan shares his favourite recipes for fresh and healthy meals - inspired by the flavours of Asia Gok's recipes draw influence from the East, as he teaches us how to add flavour and a splash of originality through his distinctive style of simple, fast cooking.

Chapters cover all occasions from lunch ideas to dinner parties and date nights and include curries, stir-fries, noodles, salads, soups and even desserts.

I met Gok in New Zealand a while back (with his Specsavers tour). In the first ever episode, we hear Gok set up the premise for the series, and meet his first woman, Zoe.

In each episode Gok wears many figurative hats (his hair is too perfect to require one.) He is a personal stylist, flirt teacher, counsellor, friend, wingman, and online dating matchmaker.

TV presenter Gok Wan has revealed how he told his parents he was gay.

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